Know Your Brain Bundle

Karen Young Daniel J. Siegel Tina Payne Bryson

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  • Ages: 5-12+
  • Format: Paperback
  • Published: 2023


Our brains are amazing! Learning about the power of our brains, how they work, and how to develop them can bring about powerful positive change and foster strengths, independence, and motivation to set and meet our goals in all areas of our lives. Help kids understand the mechanics of how different parts of our brains influence different parts of our social emotional learning. Save 10% on this bundle of kid-friendly books that provide concepts, tools, and strategies to help kids develop the power of their brains to take charge and better manage their thoughts and feelings instead of their thoughts and feelings determining how they feel, act, and react in social situations throughout the day.

Hey Awesome: A Book for Kids About Anxiety, Courage, and Already Being Awesome
Hey Awesome explains how the same brain that can make a child feel anxious sometimes, also comes with amazing strengths. This book also includes powerful tips for children on how they can manage their anxiety. First, we let them know how awesome they are, then we give them what they need to feel it for themselves. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

Hey Warrior: A Book for Kids About Anxiety
Empower children to manage their anxiety by learning that it comes from a place of protective strength within their brains—the amygdala—a tiny but fierce personal “warrior” that prepares us to fight or flee danger, even when we don’t need or want its protection! Wonderful illustrations and keen insights gently teach children how to be the boss of their brains and let their warriors know when to stand down and relax through positive thinking and breathing exercises. By understanding the physical science of anxiety and why their brains produce it, children can then learn to master it as a positive, friendly superpower. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

Dear You, Love From Your Brain
Like all beautiful, strong, important things, brains take time to build. Along the way, children have an enormous capacity to influence the brain-building process in profound and enduring ways. First though, they need information that will help them perform their magic. This book will help children discover more about the brain—how it works, what it needs, and how to love it big so it can love it back bigger. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

The Whole-Brain Child
This book explores the role different parts of our brains play in managing our own behavior. The authors, a neuropsychiatrist and a parenting expert, illustrate how teaching children about their brains can help them learn to cultivate healthy emotional and intellectual development, in addition to self-management, in order to foster balanced lives that include healthy relationships, success in school, responsible behavior, and positive self-regard. Written for use with children, in language and images they can understand, this book explains and visually depicts simplified neurology paired with 12 concrete metacognitive strategies to help children learn how to better control their actions and reactions. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

The Whole-Brain Child Workbook
Based on their best-selling book, The Whole-Brain Child, internationally acclaimed neuropsychiatrist Dan Siegel and brain-based parenting expert Tina Payne Bryson have created a companion workbook to apply the metacognitively based whole-brain principles. The workbook presents a unique, interactive approach that allows readers to not only think more deeply about how the ideas fit their own parenting (and or teaching) approach, but also develop specific, practical ways to implement the concepts with children. Provides dozens of practical, age-specific exercises and activities to help children learn to better manage their own minds. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

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