Glassman and Kool Q. Cumber Bundle

Michelle Garcia Winner the Superflex Creative Team

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  • Ages: 7-10+
  • Pages: 95
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 6020
  • Published: 2018


Figuring Out the Size of the Problem

You’ve worked through the Superflex curriculum with your students and now you’re ready to dive deeper. This discounted two-book set featuring the UnthinkaBot Glassman and Thinkable Kool Q. Cumber explores one of the social learning challenges we regularly see in our students—having big reactions to small problems! The lessons in these two books complement each other and they even share similar settings and characters to bridge the learning.

These engaging books are part of our Superflex series, which is designed to help children learn about their own and others’ thoughts and behaviors, and practice strategies for self-regulation across a variety of situations. As kids learn strategies to defeat the UnthinkaBots and unexpected behavior, they strengthen their flexible thinking and are better able to self-regulate in challenging times.

1. Superflex Takes on Glassman and the Team of UnthinkaBots

New edition with UnthinkaBot characters and important updates! The UnthinkaBot Glassman (aka Glassy) can be found in the brains of many Social Town citizens, both kids and adults alike. Glassman confuses people’s understanding that problems can come in different sizes for all of us. In this new edition of this popular illustrated storybook, readers follow Superflex Aiden as he takes on Glassman and the ExplodaBots. Readers get a taste of lessons at the Superflex Academy and learn strategies that give them tools for understanding their emotions and strategies to help self-regulate. Buy it at a discount as part of the set, or individually for full price. Digital version of the book is sold separately on Apple Books and Google Play (not printable).

2. Superflex and Kool Q. Cumber to the Rescue!

Problems come in all sizes and the Thinkable® Kool Q. Cumber (a laid back, sunglasses-wearing cucumber with arms and legs) is one way to teach kids strategies to stay cool and calm when problems arise. In this companion storybook, Kool helps us learn about activating our own Thinkable powers like the “Cooling Cap” and the legendary “Prob-u-lator.” Both strategies are designed to keep the UnthinkaBot Glassman (aka Glassy) at bay. This Thinkable companion book to Superflex Takes on Glassman helps us learn to compare and contrast problems, their size, our response to those problems, and what to do next.

Recommended Teaching & Learning Pathway

New to the world of Superflex? Explore what it’s all about in this article. Before sharing this book with children, parents and educators need to start at the beginning, introduce core concepts, and work through the Superflex curriculum. Books should be introduced in this order:

Once kids have reached this point, you can choose from an array of Superflex products to teach depending on the concepts your kids need to work on. To dive deeper into strategies for figuring out the size of the problem and expected reaction size, move on to the books listed below. Buy them individually or as part of a discounted set on this page!

Best-Selling Superflex Series

Our best-selling Superflex Series, including Social Detective, give educators, therapists, and caregivers tools for supporting and teaching social observation, social awareness, perspective taking, executive functioning, flexible thinking, and self-regulation. Click here to explore all our Superflex resources.

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