Social Town Citizens Discover 82 New Unthinkables!


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  • Ages: 7-10+
  • Pages: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780979292224
  • Published: 2012


This community-driven collection is an addition to the Social Detective & Superflex Series and represents a compilation of 82 Unthinkables developed by kids from all around the world! Note: We are gradually changing the term Unthinkable to UnthinkaBot over the next few years, but you can use either term to refer to these imaginary characters in the process. One of the focal points of this book is the introduction of a Five-Step Power Plan to provide students with even more tools to strengthen their social processing.

5 Critical Powers in the 5 Step Power Plan:

  • #1 The Decider: This character represents how to decide and describe which Unthinkable(s) is/are present.
  • #2 Social Detective: The detective represents our power to observe the situation: place + people + what’s happening.
  • #3 Brakester: This character gives us the power to stop and think to discover the hidden rules. Brakester explains that hidden rules are almost like hidden treasures because they are the secrets of the social situation and help to explain why people do and say what they do in social situations.
  • #4 Flex DoBODY: This character helps us to have the power to use flexible thinking and flexible doing.
  • #5 Cranium Coach: This character gives us the power to use self-talk using our own brain coach!

Using This Information with Your Students

Once students learn the steps to the Power Plan, they can explore any of the characters in any order. Because Social Town includes over 90 characters, we wouldn’t expect that students would learn about all of them. Instead, this book is meant to be supplemental and complementary to other teaching around the Superflex curriculum. We suggest that the power plan be used with older elementary students (3rd to 5th graders).

Award-winning Social Detective & Superflex Series

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