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  • Ages: 10+
  • Format: Bundle with Games
  • ISBN: 1050
  • Published: 2016


The social mind is dynamic. It changes and evolves continuously throughout the tween and teen years as kids begin to forge a stronger sense of self. But as they age, the social world also expands in its complexity. Expectations for how a child makes sense of the social world, socially responds, and acts and reacts seem to suddenly shift and transform as more sophisticated social landscapes emerge on the horizon. The upshot? The older the kid, the more to teach and students to learn in their development of social and organizational competencies. This Tweens & Teens Bundle showcases a variety of ways to introduce and explore the multifaceted aspects of the social world based on a wide range of individuals’ social emotional learning needs and their developmental ages.

These materials can benefit both neurotypical and neurodivergent tweens and teens alike! There’s fascinating information in each product within this all-in-one bundle. It’s created specifically for tweens and teens about the tricky dynamics within the teenage social emotional world.

Five different approaches to teaching and learning the many facets of the social emotional world

Direct access for tween and teen readers

  • Social Thinking® and Me Kids’ Guidebook to Social Emotional Learning—concrete instruction and practical metacognitive strategies for basic, but complex social emotional concepts and vocabulary.
  • Social Fortune or Social Fate—the impact and consequences of decision making and social choices
  • Socially Curious and Curiously Social 3rd Edition—the advanced social emotional concepts of emotions, relationships, and social anxiety in teen life
  • Should I? or Shouldn't I? What Would Others Think? Revised Edition for Teens—a card game that probes and exercises perspective taking, self-awareness, and shared social expectations

For direct instruction of tweens and teens by interventionists

  • Social Thinking® Thinksheets for Tweens and Teens—mini-lessons that progress from basic to advanced social emotional learning concepts and extend the teaching in the books and card game
  • Social Thinking® and Me Thinksheets for Social Emotional Learning—chapter-by-chapter mini-lesson plans to further explore lessons taught within the Kids’ Guidebook
  • Collection of 26 Social Thinking Treatment Frameworks—These hands-on, ready-to-use, 8.5” x 11” scaffolds help both interventionists and social learners organize, talk about, understand, and navigate diverse social landscapes. This landmark collection provides a bird’s eye view of what being social means and looks like and turns abstract ideas into concrete blueprints for puzzling out how the social world works.

Take a look inside the bundle!

Social Thinking and Me Two Book SetSocial Thinking® and Me Two-Book Set
Our best-selling curriculum for children ages 9-12, The Kids’ Guidebook introduces select Social Thinking Vocabulary through colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand content. This award-winning two-book set provides the teaching tools to break down complex social concepts to make it easier for interventionists to teach and for students to learn. Thinksheets for Social Emotional Learning includes multiple mini-lessons for in-depth exploration of each chapter of The Kids’ Guidebook to help build social learners’ metacognitive awareness and develop practical strategies. Kids enjoy becoming stronger social observers and problem solvers. A natural fit for school, clinic, and home. Buy it at a discount as part of the bundle, or the two-book set separately at full price. Digital version of only the Kids' Guidebook must be purchased separatelyonly on Apple Book and Google Play (not printable).

Social Fortune or Social FateSocial Fortune or Social Fate
Award winning and kid friendly, this graphic novel-style book uses comic strip scenarios to teach about common social and emotional chain reactions. Co-developed, critiqued, and inspired by Neurodivergent tweens and teens, this book represents the 10 social scenarios they most often encountered. Readers will get to see the choices of three characters and the outcome of those choices (social fortune or social fate). Designed to show “both sides of the [choices] coin,” the book allows students to read the book forward or backwards. Readers also get to see how protagonists’ choices are tied to their own thoughts, their actions or reactions, which ultimately impact how they feel. Each scenario includes either an analysis and strategy codes to decipher the characters’ choices or an “autopsy” for a better understanding of what happened and why.Buy it at a discount as part of the bundle, or separately at full price.

Socially Curious and Curiously Social 3rd Edition
New edition! All-new language, content, and book cover design featuring artwork by a Neurodivergent artist! Teen and young adult readers give rave reviews of this award-winning “get real” guidebook with anime illustrations that helps social learners sail the stormy seas of dating, texting, lies, and everyday relationships. Targeted social emotional strategies encourage readers to better navigate their social worlds, develop stronger social competencies, and manage social anxiety. Interventionists (parents, caregivers, and professionals) appreciate how it better equips them to explain the Social Thinking® process, helping young adults learn to use metacognitive strategies to navigate to self-regulate within social situations. Buy it at a discount as part of the bundle, or separately at full price. Digital version must be purchased separatelyonly on Apple Book and Google Play (not printable).

Should I? or Shouldn't I? What Would Others Think? Revised Edition for Teens
Revised and updated, this popular social learning card game provides the all-new Social Interpretation Scale to motivate teens ages 12-18+ to explore how they perceive, interpret, and emotionally respond to others’ actions and reactions and discuss group expectations across a wide variety of social situations. The new Teaching Guide and Instructions help interventionists shift students’ focus from discussing “how someone behaved” to instead learning about the power of one’s own social interpretation within a fun, safe, and consequence-free setting. This revised edition extends teaching the concept of the Social Emotional Chain Reaction (SECR), a Social Thinking® Methodology framework. Buy it at a discount as part of the bundle, or separately at full price.

Social Thinking® Thinksheets for Tweens and Teens
Find over 130 practical, kid-friendly ideas, and tools for the direct instruction of tweens and teens as they learn to navigate the complex social world. The thinksheets are mini-lessons that progress from basic to advanced social emotional learning concepts, such as considering another’s perspective, reading hidden social rules and body language, understanding friendship, and many more. Thinksheets extends the teaching of our books for teens, including Social Fortune or Social Fate and Socially Curious and Curiously Social. Whether for individual or group instruction, interventionists (parents, caregivers, and professionals) can adapt lessons to benefit virtually all social learners. Buy it at a discount as part of the bundle, or separately at full price.

Social Thinking Frameworks Collection | A Comprehensive Set of 26 Social Thinking® Teaching FrameworksSocial Thinking Frameworks Collection
Collected together for the first time, this 2-set powerhouse of visual supports contains 26 frameworks. Conceptual frameworks (7) guide interventionists in assessing social learners’ abilities. Treatment frameworks (19) are for direct use with social learners as they develop and expand their understanding of how the complex social world works and how to navigate to self-regulate within it. In a ready-to-display format, each set of 13 practical treatment frameworks presents—in both graphics and words—a variety of concepts, their purpose, instructions for use, recommendations for related books, trainings, free articles and webinars, and connections to other treatment frameworks. Buy the collection as part of the bundle, or separately for full price. Digital version of each set must be purchased separately—only on Apple Books and Google Play (not printable).

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