Superflex and Kool Q. Cumber to the Rescue!

Michelle Garcia Winner the Superflex Creative Team

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  • Ages: 7-10+
  • Pages: 28
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781936943487
  • Published: 2018


Superflex and Kool Q. Cumber to the Rescue! book introduces readers to the Thinkable Kool Q. Cumber (we call him Kool, for short!). Kool helps Social Town citizens stay “kool” when problems happen, and then use strategies to figure out problems and manage reactions. In the story, Aiden’s friend Sam becomes frustrated with problems throughout the day. As Sam feels Glassman and the ExplodaBots ruling his thoughts, he uses the strategies he learned from Kool to figure out a reaction that matches the size of the problem.

This engaging book is part of our Superflex series, which is designed to help children learn about their own and others’ thoughts and social responses, and practice strategies for self-regulation across a variety of situations. As kids learn strategies to manage the UnthinkaBots, they strengthen their flexible thinking and are better able to self-regulate in challenging times.

This illustrated storybook connects to and supports these Social Thinking Vocabulary concepts:

  • Figuring out the size of the problem (Kool’s Prob-u-lator)
  • Learning to match size of the reaction to size of the problem
  • Social attention/observation
  • Flexible Thinking
  • Sensory- and language-based strategies to manage Glassman and the ExplodaBots: calming my body, breathing in, tightening all my muscles and then breathing out and relaxing them (Cooling Cap); using positive self-talk, and more.

Adults who are using the Superflex curriculum and concepts can use Superflex and Kool Q. Cumber to the Rescue! in several ways:

  • To help children celebrate their successes in managing Glassman and the ExplodaBots
  • To teach about and illustrate how activating their Kool Q. Cumber Thinkable powers can help them learn to match the size of their reaction to the size of a problem
  • To help children understand and practice positive strategies for self-regulation

Recommended Teaching & Learning Pathway

Social Detective & Superflex Pathway

New to the world of Superflex? Explore what it’s all about in this article. Before sharing this book with children, parents and educators need to start at the beginning, introduce core concepts, and work through the Superflex curriculum. Books should be introduced in this order:

Once kids have reached this point, you can choose from an array of Superflex products. Or you can take a deeper dive through the lens of the UnthinkaBot, Glassman. Buy them individually or as part of a discounted set!

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